Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Santa Claus at Scranberry Coop

Known worldwide, he's Krampus, Grandfather Frost, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, or Tompte. His companions range from moorish dwarfs to darling grandaughters, his transportation goes from goats to Stallions to grand sleighs, and his demeanor varies from punishing to saintly.

Here in the USA we tend to like our Santa Claus jolly! Typically he's dressed in red, donning a thick white beard, a big belly, and a grand list of all the children who were naughty and nice.
Other than an occasional lump of coal story, our Santas are kind and generous, granting wishes, eating Christmas sprinkle cookies and leaving lots of presents underneath Christmas trees every December 25th.

We've commemorated our wonderful childhood memories with lots of different vintage Santas. Maybe for you it's your grandmother's cookie jar Santa with Rudolph, or your mother's Santa Claus broach, proudly pinned on her winter coat every year. Maybe it's your best friend's Annalee decorations of Mrs and Mr Claus with the elves. Or maybe it's the plush Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus dolls with their plastic faces that you and your siblings played with, while keeping an ear out for those sleigh bells on Christmas Eve.
Whether your favorite Santa was a small felt flocked ornament adorning your tree, a big lighted blowmold on the front lawn, or a precious figurine sitting dapper on the mantle, Scranberry Coop Antique Store awaits you. Come find mementos of your treasured memories here. Vintage Christmas linens, North Pole decor, antique plates for Santa's treats... with 150 unique dealers and lots of turn over, we've got it all. Come look for that sweet little Santa that reminds you of a special holiday season gone by.
Of course Scranberry Coop is the BEST place to shop for those unique gifts on your list: the personal nostalgia, your present to a special person that says you remembered, you share this memory, and here's a token to celebrate.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, there are loads of Santa Clauses and they're all at Scranberry Coop!

Come Often, Leave Happy!

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Wizard of Oz at Scranberry Coop antique Store

"You're out of the woods, you're out of the dark, you're our of the night.
Step into the sun, step into the light."

The Wizard Of Oz remains a classic, timeless fixture in our hearts from childhood onward. And it's not because of the Pink Floyd rumor or the behind the scenes ghost stories.
At Scranberry Coop you'll find we are your kindred spirits in the love of all things along the Yellow Brick Road.

We love the characters, we relate to their journeys and we all have a lesson to learn. The great and mighty Oz imparted wisdom that lives on inside of us all. We all have a heart, a brain, the nerve, and the ability to discover friendships and wonder on our way Home.
Whether you love Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tinman, The Cowardly Lion, Auntie Em, Glinda The Good Witch, The Lollipop Guild, or those pesky flying monkeys, you're sure to find something here at Scranberry Coop that will tickle your fancy, if you keep looking.

From Tornadoes to Totos, from black and white to brilliant techni-color, Scranberry Coop's got it all.
With 150 unique dealers
constantly restocking their booths, you'll find lots of turn over here! All you need do is keep checking back. Visit often! Click your red shoe heels together, and see for yourself.

There's no place like home, there's no place like home,
and there's no place like Scranberry Coop!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

We're Nutcracker Sweet at Scranberry Coop

Nutcrackers originated in the late 1860’s, reimagining images of royalty, fairy tales, soldiers and revered tradesmen.

Handcrafted in wood, they have been cherished tokens of our Christmas holiday seasons for generations.

Many German and West German brands of nutcrackers are still made today, with vintage and antique models becoming more and more highly sought.

Some of the most collectible include Erzgebirge, Christian Ulbricht, Steinbach, Muller Kleinkunst, Seiffener Volkskunst, Franz Karl, KWO Olbernhau, HoDreWa Legler, and Richard Glasser.
Newer manufacturers like Christopher Radko came into play during the 20th century, and many more affordable pieces have since been produced all over the world.

Traditional nutcrackers have a lever in the back to open and close their mouths, where the nut for cracking would be placed, even though these pieces are made for display instead of use. Similar to the nutcracker, is the smoker: a wooden figure with rounded mouth for burning incense.
Nutcrackers abound at Scranberry Coop Antique Store in Andover NJ! They pop up here all the time, in different dealer booths, in all shapes and sizes, at all different price points.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious novice, Scranberry Coop is the place for you.

Come start your Christmas shopping, and find your treasure at Scranberry Coop!