Monday, May 17, 2010

The Big Yellow Building on Route 206, Andover NJ

You know that big yellow awesome-looking building on Route 206? You drive past it going to Andover, or Newton. It's got the big parking lot and the nicely cared-for yardage and trees? Well that's us! We're open Wednesdays thru Sundays. There's lots of extra-reasons to stop in and check us out. There's a farm stand now. There's our snackbar of pre-packaged foods and refreshments inside. There's our first Sunday's of the summer month's Outdoor Flea Markets. But there is one great big main reason for you to stop in and see us, and that's the store itself.

10,000 square feet of inside building space is divided up into individual booths and spaces. We have more than 150 dealers renting about 200 booths. Try to imagine the versatility that comes with that! We have dealers that bring you the finest antiques anywhere in New Jersey.

We have dealers that handle vintage items. We have dealers that work with specifics, like bottles, or musical instruments, or ephemera. We have dealers that handle collectibles, such as Precious Moments or Longaberger baskets. We have dealers that bring you high end art, dealers that make it Christmas all year long, dealers that always have the best selection of crystal or APG. We have dealers that have everything.

Not all of our dealers are long time professionals. This is the true fun part of Scranberry Coop. Some of our dealers are people just like you: people with an eye for collecting, a lifetime of treasures scored. People that love to hit yard sales and re-decorate.

When you shop at The Coop, you're not just peering through the tastes of one or two buyers or owners. You're literally shopping the tastes of 150 different, unique people, with their own tastes, their own treasures, their own fields of expertise, and their own interests.

Dealers decide to work with us for many different reasons. Many professional dealers prefer to spend their time on the treasure hunt instead of minding the shop. Many just don't want to shell out the dinero to cover all the operating costs of having their own place. From snow plowing to paying insurance, taxes, and utilities, it's just easier and cheaper letting someone else handle all that stuff.

Some dealers come to us having never sold their wares before. They are long time collectors, or they've received an inheritance of family antiques they'd like to sell, or they're downsizing, or they've just decided to give this a whirl with no strings attached.

You're welcome to consider renting a booth and giving it a try. Make a few bucks, support your habit, give your collections a thinning out so you can redecorate or move. Give us a call, send us an email. Stop in and talk to us, we're happy to meet you.

And you are more than welcome to finally check out that great big yellow building on Route 206, Andover. Stop in and see for yourself! Scranberry Coop is the greatest Antique-Vintage-Collectibles shopping anywhere around.

Come in with an idea, a shopping list, or come in with an open mind. From antique rugs, to Limoges dinnerware, to unicycles and traffic lights, we have the craziest coolest selection of treasures!

You know you're curious.... you know you want to... Well what are you waiting for?

Come check out Scranberry Coop this week!


Anonymous said...

this place looks like fun. will come shop there soon! i collect beer stuff. beer taps and signs and glasses.

Scranberry Coop said...

Stop in! We have lots and lots of beer collector treasures!

Anonymous said...

Great fun. We come here every weekend in the summer!

Scranberry Coop2 said...

Great to hear that, thanks for the comment!