Saturday, January 1, 2011

SALE! Location #30, #38, & #63 on the Treasure Map!

Check out this sale! -

50% off for Cash Sales
45% off for Check or Credit Card Sales
On all items (unless marked "Firm")
At the Facebook Friends Treasure Map
Location #'s 30, 38, and 63 !!

You may know these dealers from our Facebook page, or from the summer outdoor Sunday Flea Markets. Maybe you've met them at one of our after-hours extended shopping fiestas. Or maybe they've rung you up while you were checking out with your treasures one day.

They are David and Melanie, part of The Coop Family. They have 3 spectacular booths here - all three are fan favorites - well noted for great pricing and terrific finds such as: Working electric bar lights, antique radios, pin ball machines, vintage toys like Lite Brite, and lots more.

There's surely something for everyone at the Coop, and that's partly because of Treasure Map Locations #30, #38, and #63.

Half-off is a great deal! Cash sales, unless the item is marked "firm" can deduct an additional 50% off on the price! This sale is not going to go on forever.

And these great treasures are not going to be sitting in these booths for very long with this super-sale afoot.

What do you have to do to get in on the sale? Nothing! How easy is that! Come to The Coop and visit those three booths. That's it. Signs in the booths let you know you're at the right Treasure Map Location, and you'll see the 50%-45% off sale monikers.

We'll do the rest at the cash registers. Yup, it's that simple!

We're located in Andover, New Jersey, right on Route 206. We're that big 10,000 square foot building, 42 Main Street, with the nice big snow-plowed parking lot.

We're closed New Years Day.
We're open Sunday January 2nd 2011

We're closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but we're back again on Wednesday at 10am. Our hours, address, phone, and directions are all linked up for you in the sidebar.

Enjoy the photos of Map Locales 30, 38, and 63.
And plan to visit the Coop during Melanie and David's spectacular New Year's Sale Event!

Happy New Year!

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