Monday, March 7, 2011

Shop By Phone!

'Ever regretted not buying a treasure you saw here? Or saw something on our Facebook page and thought to yourself, I want that! But I can't get to the Coop this week! Grr!

With the thousands and thousands of items for sale through 150 different dealers, there is no way we can hold an item for you.

We just don't have the ability to monitor dealer-owned items outside of their booths.

Plus it's not fair to the dealer who pays rent to have that item offered for sale, and miss out on potential sales, while the item is being "held" for someone who may or may not come in.

And just because you see an item here when you're shopping, or on Facebook, with our quick turn-over there is no way you can be sure that item will still be here next time you come in.

But there's a solution: BUY IT!

You can now purchase items by credit card over the phone. You can call the Coop during business hours and buy that item! (Mastercard, Visa and Discover accepted.) 973.786.6414

Once it's "yours" we can hold it for you here until you can come pick it up.

In some cases we will make the arrangement with you to ship the item when feasible for a shipping/handling fee if we can. Call and ask, we'll do what we can.

To help us find your item when you call, get in the habit of snapping a cell phone pic of the things you like while you're here. Or note the Treasure Map Location. (It's just the booth number, they're all in order.)

Thanks and happy shopping!


Anonymous said...

Great job, everyone! This is such a fabulous place and the ability to 'nab' something online is even greater! Thanks!
A loyal customer,
Brenda Bannon-Gehrke

Scranberry Coop said...

Thanks so much Brenda!