Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Collector's Club - Having Fun at Meeting One

We really did have such a great time at the 1st Meeting of the Scranberry Coop Collector's Club.

Lori shared some of her collection: she collects money. Mostly paper money but her international collection encompasses lots of things including history.

Tzveta collects "People!" That's right, she is always on the look-out for new and interesting friends of all kinds.

Some of our collector's talked about their pink glass, their pottery, their bottles, and their other collections. We talked about collecting a certain something like Mexican pottery or roosters, and then moving on and letting that collection go. One collector talked to us about actually digging for buried treasures - and that was as informative as it was fascinating!

It turned out that several of us have rescued dogs and we talked about the collection of love that came along with that. We checked out a couple of dealer booths to discuss vaseline glass, furniture, and holidays - we all had Christmas collections or themes to share.

We enjoyed some very nice refreshments and sat around chatting about yard sales, and relatives with packed attics and long-time family heirlooms. We also talked about Hoarding and the great difference between collecting, and in having to clean out the house!

We got to know each other a little bit. It was easy as we all have collecting in common.

Some people came late, some people had to leave early. It was a very relaxed atmosphere of casual conversation, cheese and crackers, and an after-hours look at our favorite shop, Scranberry Coop.

The next meeting of the Collector's Club will be Friday, May 6th at 5pm.

The shop closes at 4pm, so it's a great chance to be here after the crowds to have the place all to ourselves. Come to the next meeting! Shop privately. Talk, listen, learn, have some food, make a friend. It's all good!

We'll be roasting weenies at this next meeting. We're planning on a little barbecue, a little dessert, and a lot of interesting people.

Bring a friend, BYOB, bring some pics of your collection, or a piece you'd like to discuss. Bring your imagination, your ideas. Teach us something, ask us something. Check out something. Tell us where the other great finds are to be had out there. Give a nod to your family's history by talking about those handed down heirlooms, customs or traditions you've collected. You spend all week doing for others. Spend a little time on the first Friday of the month on something for yourself, something you love.

All are welcome! We'll see you then!

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