Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter's Coming!

It's just a couple of weeks away. Are you ready?

Remember the fun of opening your Easter basket? The chocolate eggs, the chenille chicks, the stuffed bunnies and the jelly beans?

Wouldn't it be nice to re-create that feeling for someone this year?

Easter baskets aren't just for the kids. Your mother, your grandmother, your neighbor that lets your dog out while you're at work, your godparents, your favorite niece or special aunt - lots of people would be especially moved to see you worked on a little basket just for them.

It doesn't have to be all vintage eggcups and yellow chicks. You can do a Yankee theme with a couple of baseball cards and a ball cap. You can add a piece of vintage jewelry for a special lady. Instead of candy adornments you could use teas and center it with a teacup or teapot.

Use your imagination!

It's always the right time of year to let someone know you thought about them. It's never to late to say "Thank you" to someone who gave you Easter baskets and lots of great memories over the years.

And it's never to late to add a special touch to your Easter decorating with some cool vintage finds from The Coop.

Fill a vintage duck planter with jelly beans. Make an awesome hostess gift to bring with you on Easter! Who knows, maybe you'll inspire someone's collection of chickens or eggcups, or yellow pottery pieces.

At Scranberry Coop there is something for everyone. You're bound to find a great little treasure here that will crown your Easter Basket gifts with a special smile. What better way to say "Thank you" than to say "I remember."

A joyous Spring to all our friends! Happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet blog. I am inspired to make my 2 aunts easter baskets this year. They will be so surprised. Thanks for the idea!