Saturday, November 5, 2011

Flea Market Sunday 11/6/11

We're doing one more First Sunday of the month FLEA MARKET here! Sunday 11/6/11, 8am - 4pm. You know you want to come... ;) We do these every month when the weather cooperates, and the weather did not cooperate with us a few times this summer so we had some cancels. But we're looking good for tomorrow!

We thought we'd take this opportunity to just share some pics and review some stuff about the Coop that you may want to know.

It's never taking a chance to come here during the Flea Markets, because we have a 10,000 sq foot building that's open for business during the outdoor events. So if the weather is poopy and we can't be outside, just come on in. More than 150 dealers occupying separate booths, offering a big variety of antiques, vintage finds, art, jewelry, gifts and collectibles. Everything from pianos to stuffed animals and more - something for everyone.

The booths are numbered sequentially. We call these numbers our Treasure Map Locations. It just helps narrow things down for you, to remember where you saw something, and to help us find your treasure if you call to make a purchase over the phone. Yes, you can do that!

Each booth/dealer sets their own prices and sales. So be sure to watch for those discount and sale signs, and remember that each one only pertains to that particular booth. Right now quite a few dealers have some big mark downs going on, in order to make way for Holiday/Christmas/Winter inventory.

Ornaments, vintage ice skates, gently used ski equipment, wool blankets and throws, reindeer and snowmen decor, holly pottery, sleighs, festive brooches and antique music boxes are all on their way. Keep checking in, there's a lot of turn over here!

We tend to have a lot of musical items here. CD's, cassettes, phonographs, guitars, marching drums, sheet music and more. Also, be sure to think of us if you're looking for VHS or DVD stock - hey something to do when the cable is out during a storm.

If you haven't already, friend us on Facebook! We're also on Google+ so let us know if you need an invite to join. We share vintage TV, commercial, and movie clips. We post lots of pics of the treasures here, we update the Wanted Board, share links and info about stuff going on here in our community and we enjoy interacting with our neighbors from around the corner and around the world. We love it when you tag yourself and your friends in our photos. It's a great way to let your buddies know what you'd like for Christmas, or to share a "remember when" or a laugh.

We're very animal friendly here. We love dogs, your dogs are welcome to come by here with you, and we're often hosting adoption days and awareness events to several area animal rescue organizations. There's a list in the sidebar on the website. Check them out!

Speaking of the sidebar on the site, that's where you'll find Hours, Directions link, address, and other info for us.

We enjoy having after hour events and private shopping parties. We love the Flea Markets and the parties. We have treasure hunts, and Facebook Trivia Contests, and all kinds of stuff going on. By the way, tables and sales opportunities at these events are open exclusively to our Coop family of dealers. If you're thinking about renting a booth and becoming a dealer, stop in and speak with Tzveta. See what booths might be coming available and get your name on that list! You'll be surprised at how easy it is to be a dealer. No floor time is required, we take care of taxes, snow plowing, paying the utilities, opening and closing, and all the other day to day business-y stuff.

Here at the Coop we realize times are tough and money is tight. You may only have the ability to make so many purchases with only so much money. We're really proud of the space we've created here. You can shop here with a Go-Green attitude, and your bucks can go a little farther.

From furniture, to McCoy, to the dashboard of an old car... from Steampunk to Victorian to the 1970's... from your grandmother to your godson there is something here for everyone. We have plenty of parking, 2 nice clean restrooms, a snack bar, and nice bank of cubbies where you can store your finds until you're ready to check out. It's a positive friendly shopping experience.

Come to the Flea Market, come see for yourself. We're that big yellow building on route 206 in Andover New Jersey. Come find your treasure! We'll see you at The Coop!

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