Thursday, April 12, 2012

Top Ten Reasons to Shop at The Coop!

#10 - Artwork!

The Coop has lots of interesting artwork from all over the world. Antique, vintage, modern, new - from paintings to sculptures, you'll find an abundance of art here!

#9 - Justice is served!

We're a go-green minded business. We're all about re-use, re-cycle, up-cycle and re-purpose. Come on in, we'll show you how! Turn that classic Charles Chip tin into the spare toilet tissue keeper in your bathroom. Use those vintage lunchboxes to store your old check registers, receipts, staples and paperclips while giving your home office some pizazz. Keep it out of the junkyard. You don't have to shop in stores you don't feel good about.

#8 - Remember!

Remember that great old soup mug your mom made your favorite Campbell's in when you were wee? Wouldn't something like that make you smile now? Wouldn't your mom love to see that when she visits? Or better yet - wouldn't she love to receive a gift from you that says, "I remember." The Yankees poster you got at the first ball game you went too, the blue-handled hammer your dad always used, the Catskill Game Farm pennant that hung in your den the whole time you were growing up... Create your new home by giving a few nods to the home deep inside of you. Go ahead and remember.

#7 - Convenience!

We're conveniently located, we make shopping a breeze, and we're easy to find! We're in the neighborhood. We're that big yellow building on Route 206 in Andover NJ. And talk about convenience, we have a great big clean private parking lot surrounded by grassy areas and trees. We have clean restrooms and a small snack bar. We have a website that you can go to for directions, hours, information on how to become a dealer, and more. You can even call us and buy something you want right over the phone! We make it easy for you to shop with us.

#6 - Steampunk!

We have Victorian clothing items and jewelry. We have old clocks, goggles, gears and gadgets. Looking for vintage suitcases and enamelware for your Steampunk vision? No problem. We have lots of old books and ephemera featuring maps, blimps, contraptions, inventions, hot air balloons, and an inspired history of imagined futures. Come to the Coop for costumes, collections, decor and more.

#5 - Support Local Businesses!

We're a family owned and operated shop. We rent space to 150 different local dealers, bringing you a wide variety of antiques, gifts, and collectibles. The Coop family of local dealers are all part of a community. We don't have multiple locations, we aren't offering a Coop Credit Card, we aren't traded on the stock market. We're long-time established neighborhood mom & pop, doing our part to keep jobs local, support our community, and to keep New Jersey "Green."

#4 - Something for Everyone!

There's lots of working power tools and other Tool Time finds, there's sports memorabilia, there's all sorts of toys and fun stuff. You'll see furniture, jewelry, collectibles and more. You can bring the whole family shopping here and be sure that no one will be bored. Everyone in your clan will have a good time. Our many dealers offer a very diverse plethora of treasures. Come see for yourself!

#3 - Music!

We always have great treasures for the musician and the music lover here. Instruments, guitars, pianos, drums, cowbells, woodwinds, brass, tambourines and more. Vinyl records, cassettes, turntables, radios, band memorabilia.... you name it. Whether you're looking for a cassette tape of guitar music, a guitar you can play that music on, or a cheap guitar you can create art with, you've come to the right Coop!

#2 - We are Dog Friendly, and we Support our Local Rescues and Shelters.

Really, it's OK to bring your dog when you come to The Coop. Responsible dog owners are welcome here with their canine companions anytime! Come say hi to Joey, and enjoy yourself at The Coop!



We are always smiling at The Coop. We're all about enjoying our awesome neighbors, meeting our terrific Facebook friends, and doing fun things like our 1st Sunday of the month Flea Markets and our Annual Christmas Parties. Friends gather here. We enjoy what we do, and we want you to enjoy it too! This is the number one reason you should be shopping at Scranberry Coop: IT'S FUN!

Come in and say hi! Bring a friend. Have some fun. And do a little treasure hunting.
Come get a smile at Scranberry Coop.

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