Saturday, February 22, 2014

Angela Casey Berdecia is Our Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter!

Ask Angela Casey Berdecia how cool The Coop is! She'll tell ya :) She's our latest greatest Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter!

We do it every week, folks. It's fun! It's just a Gift, from us to you. Every Friday Scranberry Coop posts a Free Gift we're Giving Away on Facebook. We pick and post the Gift Getter the following day, Saturday, at 7pm.

It's easy to get in on the fun. Just follow us on Facebook, and when we post the FFFG Photo on Friday, show some love! The more love you show, the more we'll know you want that Gift. We can't use "Facebook" terminology, but you can figure it out ;) Spread the photo around, give it a thumbs up, leave some cool words. SHARE in our fun, we LIKE you guys a lot. This effort on our part should be a COMMENT on just how much we value you!

That's it, it's that easy. No form to fill out, no qualifying event, no teams, no purchase necessary, no boxtops and receipts to submit, nada! Just show us some love on our Free Friday Facebook post while you're playing around on Facebook. The rules are the same every week, and they're posted here on our site all the time.

Gifts are sometimes Coop Gift Certificates, and sometimes they are items we picked out and purchased here at the store.

Then, CHECK BACK. We can't contact you, you have to contact us. If you see you were picked as our Free Friday Facebook Gift Getter, like Angela Berdecia here, send us a message or an email. That's all. We'll have your Free Gift ready and waiting for you at The Coop.

This week our Vintage Norcrest Rooster made in Japan was donated by Dealer #8, Bob. For more awesome vintage authentic chickens and rooster statues - just in time for Easter - check out Bob's collection in Treasure Map Location #58. Thanks Bob!

Our store is a 10,000 square foot big building on Route 206 in Andover New Jersey. There are about 150 unique dealer spaces here. The Scranberry Coop family of dealers is an eclectic, wonderful group. Some are life-long professional antique dealers.

Some are artisans. Some are steampunk enthusiasts. Some are appreciators selling their own collections. Jewelry, pottery, musical instruments, furniture - anything and everything.

Joey Badenov, The Scranberry Coop Ambassador Dog, will be more than happy to welcome you! 

Is our Free Friday Facebook Giveaway your first introduction to Scranberry Coop? Great news! Please come in and check us out. There's something for everyone. There are Facebook Giveaways, there's a snackbar, restrooms, a big parking lot for your off-street parking convenience, there's a "Dogs Are Welcome Here" policy, and there's the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting small family-owned local business which in turn supports our whole community.

You are our treasure! Now, come find your treasure at Scranberry Coop!

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