Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Are You New Here? WELCOME!

Happy Spring Everybody!

For anyone who's new to the Coop: Welcome! We're glad you discovered us, and we'd like to take this opportunity to let you know about some goings-on and ins and outs of Coop-dom.

As you know we're that big 10,000 square foot yellow building on Rt 206 in Andover NJ.

One of the great things about our huge parking lot and awesome location is the Flea Markets we have every first Sunday of the month, for as long as the weather holds out. We had our first one of this year last weekend and it was fabulous.

Tables are set up outside by our dealers, bringing you flea-market style buys, sales, and specials. (Yep, this is another benefit of becoming a seller here!)

It's a rain-safe event to mark on your calendar since we have the building open too. If it rains, no problem! Just come do your shopping inside. It's never a waste of a day to come to the Coop.

Items varied last Sunday from a table full of authentic army fatigues, to My Little Pony, Troll dolls, and vintage jewelry items. There really is something for everyone here.

One of the fun additions we have this year to our flea markets is one of our dealers that you know for all the cool NJ Sands shirts. Gourmet Country Cookies sold awesome pre-made and wrapped sandwiches, refreshments, and treats. (Ask for Gluten & Sugar Free if you want those items!) They offered samples and listened to customer's ideas on what might be fun additions for next time. The macaroons were delish!

Inside Scranberry Coop, there's cubby hole shelves up front to hold your selections until you check out. Need help? Just ask at the front cash registers.

Be sure to check each individual booth's sale sign. Most dealers offer a discount. This varies from booth to booth. With about 150 different dealers in almost 200 separate spaces, you have much to look at!

Also, there's Facebook Treasure Map Location numbers throughout the shop. This is just an easy sequential numbering system for you to be able to find an item you may have seen on our website here or on our Facebook page.

We do have a lot of fun on Facebook! We share items in the shop, promote community events and celebrate our neighbors and friends. We also share retro TV show videos, music, movies and more. Plus there's FB specials and contests!

At The Coop we support several great causes in our community, like Heavensent Bulldog Rescue, B.A.R.K.S., Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary, and now we are happy to welcome Noah's Ark too. We've given them a booth you should check out when you're here, all proceeds of sales for the booth go to the animals.

We have a WANTED Board here on the site. If you're looking for something special, send us the info and how to reach you, and we'll post it on the board and on Facebook for our Dealers to see.

If you're a Coop Dealer, don't forget to check that board!

Adorable doggie Bailey is sure "wanted" but it she isn't for sale.

We're more than just antiques here. We're vintage items, art, gifts, collectibles, and more. Re-use, Re-purpose, think green and Remember with The Coop.

There's great turn-over here, and that means there's always new dealers coming in to join the Coop family. Thinking about becoming a dealer? Call or stop in. This is a great way to turn your collections and your passion for antiques into some cash in your pocket.

We'll do the bookkeeping, the snow plowing, the grass mowing, the working at the shop, the paying of utilities, and all that other stuff. All you have to do is stock your booth with your items you price your way. We've got a stellar customer-base, so you'll reach a huge clientele in no time.

We're always doing something, from Facebook contests for gift certificates, to after-hours shopping parties, to Flea Markets, to upcoming Dealer's clinics, we have lots of stuff going on here.

Our next happening is the Collector's Club Meeting next Friday, May 6th at 5pm. Collector's Club meets the first Friday of every month at 5pm, after the store closes.

Enjoy some snacks, private after-hours shopping, display and decorating tips, and a good conversation with other collectors. We had a great time last month and we know this one will be even better. We're planning to grill up some hot dogs, and share some pics and ideas from our collections. This pic is from one our FB friends. AWESOME decorating job with that cool collection!

We are constantly updating the website, posting pics and articles, and letting you know what's up at The Coop. Thanks for stopping by - please come back often. Check out the Scran-Cam when you get a chance. Send us pics of your Treasures, your collections, and your WANTED Board wishes.

You can shop over the phone too. Call us during business hours with a major credit card if there was something here you liked but didn't grab up, or if you see something online that you just have to have.

Stop in to see us when you can. There's something for everyone here from acoustic guitars to swing-leg tables, from antique bottles to vintage lunchboxes. Come find your treasure.


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